The patient is fully informed about conducted processes of the treatment. Thanks to displayed presentations, the patient has better idea of performed activities performed and their purposes.

Treatment is carried out with application of rubber dam.

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Interventions are carried out under appropriately selected and painless administered anaesthesia.

The elimination of threats connected with infections is ensured by sterilization of instruments in the autoclave, the application of ultrasonic washcloth and the use of appropriate disinfectants.

In doctor’s office single-use objects are used, such as:

  • needles,
  • gloves,
  • cups,
  • saliva ejectors,
  • foil covers on microscope,
  • foil covers on X-ray machine,
  • covers of RVG sensor,
  • additional protective foils.

The work in doctor’s office is based on Zirc system. This system helps in organization and functioning doctor’s office. Convenient and easy to use system of colours ensures the increase of productivity and reduction of stress. Combining colours with particular types of interventions significantly improves the work with the patient, but also the implementation of the process of sterilization.